About Middleway Medicine

About Middleway Medicine

Clark Zimmerman, LAc, MAcOM

Clark Zimmerman, LAc, MAcOM

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Ann Zimmerman, LAc, MAcOM

Ann Zimmerman, LAc, MAcOM

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Ryan Baker, MAcOM, LAc, RPH

Ryan Baker, MAcOM, LAc, RPH

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Jen Glaser, Office Manager

Jen Glaser, Office Manager

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Clark Zimmerman, LAc, MAcOM

Clark believes that good health is more than just avoiding illness. To him healthy living means to feel a sense of vitality, happiness and inner peace. He has been a student of meditation and taoist philosophy for over 20 years, and brings these ideas of balance to his clinical practice. Clark has been involved in health care since 1998. He has treated thousands of patients with physical ailments such as pain, headaches and digestive issues, but also helps people integrate stress and trauma.

Clark was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. His family is greatly involved in the practice of western medicine and this influenced Clark to develop a curiosity about health care from an early age. At 12 years old, he began studying martial arts which introduced him to the concepts of meditation and eastern philosophy. After graduating from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio with a BA in English literature, and a minor in zoology, Clark moved to Portland, Oregon and began working in a health food store. This heightened his interest in healthy living and impressed upon him the importance of diet in the treatment and prevention of disease.

A clown at heart, Clark has been juggling since his dad taught him at age 6. He also has been involved in performing arts since his youth, acting in many plays. While living in Portland he worked part time as a free-lance clown and entertainer, using juggling, balloon artwork and music to spread joy and silliness to thousands of people. Clark believes that joy and laughter are truly medicinal and he brings these qualities into his healing practice.

Clark graduated from the Oregon School of Massage in 1998, and then from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in 2004, which is consistently considered to be among the top Chinese medical schools in the nation. He then married his grad school sweetheart and set out for Asia for a 6 month honeymoon and period of advanced study. He and his wife Ann moved to Talent, Oregon in 2005 and started Middleway Medicine. He is very content living in a smaller community where people work together to make the world a more enjoyable and peaceful place.

Though he studies and practices Chinese medicine, he still has a strong respect for western medicine, and believes that the best healthcare involves using the best that eastern and western medicine have to offer. He is a licensed acupuncturist and is a nationally certified herbalist, as well as a qi gong instructor and a teacher in the SOU olli program. He specializes in treating headaches and digestive disorders, as well as all types of pain. He enjoys juggling, playing music, meditation, yoga, gardening and an endless number of outdoor activities.

Ann-Zimmerman-Middleway-MedicineAnn Zimmerman, LAc, MAcOM

Ann was born and raised in a small town in Northern Indiana where she grew up among many generations of her family. The large influences of her childhood and young adult life came via her passion for soccer and traveling. Thru many years of playing soccer she learned about the physical limitations of the body and how to be part of a team, leading her to an athletic scholarship at the University of Florida. Having had the opportunity to travel at a young age illuminated Ann’s curiosity and respect for the diversity among people, systems of medicine, religions, landscapes, etc. It was after her first trip to Asia that her passion for eastern medicine and and philosophy was officially ignited. This trip also sparked an interest in the practice of yoga, meditation, and herbs, eventually leading to her undergraduate major of Cultural Anthropology. After college, Ann knew she wanted to help people and to work with plants. This led her to Chinese medicine. After a personal healing experience using acupuncture she knew she had found her path.

After four years of study, she received a Master’s degree from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. Upon completion of the program she married her study buddy and co-owner of Middleway Medicine, Clark Zimmerman and the two of them set out on a 6 month study/honeymoon in Asia. In 2005, they founded Middleway Medicine Acupuncture and Herbal clinic and began their healing work in Talent, Oregon. Middleway offers the service of individualized care based on Traditional Chinese medical diagnosis, using the tools of acupuncture, herbal medicine, shiatsu, nutrition, and lifestyle counseling.

Ann is NCCAOM certified and state licensed in Oregon to practice acupuncture and herbal medicine.

She is nearly fluent in Spanish, and is a certified Qigong instructor.

She has continued her studies with a focus on Women’s health; menses, fertility, pregnancy, and menopause and a strong emphasis on meditation, nutrition, and personal development.

She feels her strength as a healer is her dedication to being present and compassionate with each of her patients. She enjoys working with both acute conditions and long-term health maintenance.

Outside of the clinic, Ann loves hiking with friends, kayaking, yoga, meditation, cooking, jogging, traveling, and exploring nature with her family.


Ryan Baker, MAcOM, LAc, RPh

Ryan felt that he was destined for a career in healthcare from an early age. His parents fostered a strong sense of curiosity & community in Ryan. This care helped him to realize that he wanted to develop the skills and knowledge base that would allow him to to be of service to others.

As a result, Ryan followed his interest in sciences and the intriguing power of medications to attend the College of Pharmacy at Oregon State University. Ryan has had the opportunity to work in a variety of pharmacy environments over the years. And whether counseling patients about their prescriptions or working with doctors to provide the best course of treatment, he enjoys making complex situations easier to understand.

In 2000 Ryan was fortunate to be invited as a team member for a series of rural health camps in Nepal. This first experience of international travel was a life changing event for him and served to reshape the course of his personal & professional future. From that moment on, he was hooked on traveling to explore new cultures and has sought to volunteer his healthcare skills whenever possible along the way.

During these travels, Ryan was exposed to mediation, yoga and Eastern philosophy. As his frustration grew with the lack of prevention & wellness care in the American healthcare model he was naturally drawn to study Eastern Medicine. Having used acupuncture with great success, he decided to broaden his medical career by enrolling in the Masters degree program at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in Portland, OR.

The combination of pharmacy and Chinese medicine has given Ryan the opportunity to serve as a bridge between Western and Eastern medicine for his patients. His goal is to simplify healthcare.

Ryan and his wife recently relocated to the Rogue Valley from Portland. He enjoys the many outdoor opportunities of the region especially camping, hiking, biking and gardening. He looks forward to serving you.

Jen Glaser, Office Manager Middleway-Internet-33

Despite growing up in a medically-minded family, the use of natural medicine and it’s philosophies came much later in Jen’s life.  After fracturing a vertebra in her spine at the age of 15, she was left with severe pain and a limp that plagued her daily life.  She spent years seeking care from medical doctors only to be disappointed with the results and continued pain.  Jen finally got relief after receiving spinal adjustments from a chiropractor she worked for in Hawaii.  There, she was educated on many different “alternative” lifestyle concepts, from eating organic whole foods to the benefits of natural childbirth.  By interacting with colleagues in the chiropractic and naturopathic arena, Jen started to revamp her thought process and how she approached her life.  

After being turned onto natural healthcare, Jen’s interests turned from her BA in History from the University of Washington toward continuing her education in the healing arts.  She went on to study and become licensed in massage therapy (LMT) at the Hawaii College of Health Sciences.   During this time she met and married her partner of 5 years (a hunky drummer/surfer boy from Oahu).  Soon after massage school, she began her family which quickly trumped being an LMT.  Jen and her husband were blessed to have had home water births for both of their children. Their daughter was born in Oregon and their son in upstate New York, where they lived for 10 years before returning west in the fall of 2015.  

Having moved around much of her life, living in 8 different states and in England as an exchange student, Jen developed a passion for travel and good food.  She has also seen many parts of Europe and Russia.  She looks forward to future adventures in Central and South America, New Zealand and Australia and maybe even tagging along on a surf trip to Fiji.  In her free time, Jen likes hiking, camping, and exploring the coast with her family.  Her kids are amazing athletes and she is their biggest cheerleader at their soccer games.  She enjoys baking and sharing the goods with family and friends. She loves watching movies and is a HUGE Seahawks fan!  Jen, is very excited to be closer to family, the Pacific Ocean, and to have the opportunity to work in an acupuncture clinic that is dedicated to bringing health and healing to the Rogue Valley.  If you would like to learn more about our “Office Goddess”, call or drop by to schedule an appointment.


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