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Middleway Medicine: Talent’s featured business in April 2015

Middleway Medicine

Ann and Clark Zimmerman are excited to announce the relocation of their acupuncture and herbal clinic, Middleway Medicine, to 88 Lapree Drive here in downtown Talent. We recently had the opportunity to ask the friendly husband-and-wife team a few questions…

How long you’ve lived in Talent?

We have lived in Talent for 9 years. After meeting in Portland at Chinese Medical school in 2000 our friendship grew from study buddies to husband and wife. Upon graduation, we got married and began our search for the perfect “home.” We were looking for a slower pace of life that would offer us a good gardening climate, culture and access to the wilderness. The Rogue Valley was our perfect fit and after exploring the different towns in the valley, Talent grabbed us immediately.

Talent offered the small town we wanted with access to Ashland and Medford. We liked that Talent had a humble quality to it and was without any acupuncturists. During our first week in town we visited the Talent Dental Office to inquire what it was like to practice healthcare in Talent. To our surprise the dentist, Dr. Jackson, was willing to take the time with us to talk about Talent (something that was not the usual experience in Portland). We discovered that Dr. Jackson had gone to high school with Clark’s dad in Indiana. Then when we asked if he knew of any available office space in town, he said that he had just vacated his previous office next door, which we found to be the perfect spot for our new practice. We felt a serendipitous YES, that Talent was our home. From that spring moment in 2006, Middleway Medicine has been growing and offering healthcare in Talent. We were warmly welcomed by the established Talent Clinic and the people of Talent.

What motivated you to open the business or follow this career:

We are both Hoosiers, natives of Indiana, who met in Portland and who have been able to bridge our conservative mid-western roots with the progressive nature of the west coast. Practicing Chinese medicine has been our venue to help others and to meet this community. Neither of us had any exposure to Chinese medicine in Indiana. The medical climate there was, and is, very different from Oregon. Ann›s background of being a competitive soccer player and having the opportunity to travel extensively led her to an undergraduate degree in Anthropology. During her studies and travels she was exposed to eastern philosophy and medicine. These traditions combined with her natural inclination to help/heal others were a perfect fit. A gardener at heart, she was specifically drawn to herbal medicine and fascinated by the effectiveness of Chinese herbalism.

Clark hails from a family of western medical providers and knew early on he would go into medicine. During college he was pre-med until he became disenchanted by the competiveness of the medical program. This led him to seek alternative ways of healing. First becoming a massage therapist and practicing for 12 years, then going onto Chinese medical school. His background in Western medicine combines well with his energetic approach to the body. We feel like we are constantly reflecting and trying to achieve balance in our personal lives. Our commitment to our own journey helps us to understand and help others.

Describe your business:

balance in their lives. We use the art of Chinese medical theory to make a diagnosis and the tools of acupuncture, herbs, massage and lifestyle guidance to facilitate health in our patients.

What can customers expect?

Customers can expect us to take the time to understand what ails them. We graduated from the most esteemed Oriental Medical school in the country and have practiced this medicine almost daily for 15 years. The combination of being midwesterners and alternative medicine practitioners allows us to be able to relate with most people. We can talk the specifics of a Western medical diagnosis and in the same conversation talk about how energy flows in the body. We strive to be in the middle. We have said it many times….Talent is in the MIDDLE in both location and ideology between Medford and Ashland. We do not push using only one form of medicine or choosing between natural herbs or prescription drugs. We recognize each person has a unique balance place, or “Middleway,” that can be found between the extremes of the black and white of life.

What other services or products do you offer your customers?

We are a general health clinic. This means we treat all kinds of ailments. Most commonly people come to acupuncture for pain relief and for this it is very effective. In addition to pain relief we commonly treat: digestive issues, fertility, immune enhancement, the common cold, headaches, pregnancy, allergies, anxiety/depression, insomnia, and gynecology. Most commonly we combine acupuncture and Chinese herbal formulas to achieve the best outcome. We have an extensive herbal pharmacy that we use to custom blend our formulas, carefully combining 3-20 individual herbs to specifically treat a patients diagnosis. We also offer a selection of high quality supplements and topical salves.

Anything else unique about the business:

We are super excited about our new location and the standard it sets for Talent as a whole. We put a lot of intention into creating a sacred space that would allow people to relax and to heal. Beauty, simplicity, and privacy were the main goals of our new clinic design. It will be a joy to share this with the community.

After spending nearly 9 years in downtown we have had plenty of time to observe the local business trends. There is a general feeling amongst locals that Talent is about to blossom. The «about to» part is the big question mark. We hope our example of investing into downtown Talent propels the «bud» to open and that more and more people will choose to open and run businesses in downtown. We like to count ourselves among the businesses that provide a service that keeps the local community doing their business in Talent. There is no shortage of amazing people living here and our hopes are we could together create a downtown that reflects the flavor of its residents.

It is our dream come true to have the grace to expand Middleway Medicine into an independent and beautifully custom made clinic. We are grateful for our partnerships with Star Property, Coleman Creek Construction, Plant Oregon, Earth Stewards, SOS plumbing, Megan Blossom Design, Sarah Wallace (our office manager) and to our patients for their continued support.

Cheers to Talent and its bright future!

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