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Our Changing Heatlh

By Ann Zimmerman, LAc.

There is a wise saying, “the only constant in life is change”.  This is certainly true when we look at our health and what it takes today to feel good verses even tomorrow.

Despite our best efforts to try to settle into a certain pattern of exercise, diet, rest or self-care our needs are always changing and what we are naturally drawn to is always changing.  This is often in response to the season, stress, growth patterns or just plain aging.

The needs of a sixteen year old are very different then those of a 60 year old person. Yet, we become very attached to our certain ways of living, whether healthy or not.

In our clinic, nothing will get a quicker defensive reaction than suggesting someone change their diet….even if they know it is making them sick.  We are quite stubborn in our ways and forget that nothing is static.  Just because you have always eaten pizza or have worked out 6 days a week does not mean that is what you can do now.  It is actually quite a “bummer” and quite beautiful! It keeps life new and keeps us present with self-study of what is working for today.

Most of us are patient with ourselves for a few days if we twist a ankle or have a flu….but then we are finished responding to our body and ready to resume our “normal” agenda.  What I am suggesting here is that your “normal” is the changing health picture.  You will again and again go back to your health allies, the habits that help you feel good….but you will also need to keep discovering new ways of being and let go of the old things that used to work.

So again our physical health ends up being a microcosom for the bigger picture of life which is the ever-changing landscape of emotional ups and downs, spiritual insights and amnesia.  Personally, I am always humbled by my stubborn and unrealistic expectations that I have for myself.  So often if we heard someone else responding the way we do to change, we would be surprised by their behavior.

The message here is to keep it flexible, remain patient and always expect your health to be changing….oh, and to enjoy the ride!