Health and Wellness Resources

Below you will find information about class offerings, newsletters, and links to medical and community referrals. We strongly believe in building community and are happy to pass on referrals when we can.

Physical Therapists

Mary Gorman, PT (541) 535-7019

Shawn Flot, PT (541) 890-7372

Micheal Pennington (541) 535-2551


Rod Birnery, MD (541) 535-3338

Suzanna Nadler, LCSW (541) 535-3338

Rhiannon Theurer, LMFT (541) 207-8824 (Gifted children and adults, LGBTQ)

Kristen Tussey, LCSW (541) 787-9246

Community Referrals:

YOGA Om Sweet Om

Self and Soul Center Retreat Center



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