Pain relief is the most common reason people seek out the treatment of acupuncture. This is due to its amazing ability to treat a wide range of pain syndromes with efficiency and little to no side effects. Pain is our body’s way of sending us a warning signal that an imbalance exists. The cause of the pain may or may not be easily traceable to a specific accident or lifestyle choice. Unfortunately, many people often ignore this signal and either “push through the pain” or take strong medication with many side effects. This approach neither examines or addresses the cause of the pain and it may become more intense or chronic.

The Chinese Medical View Of Pain

Acupuncturists recognize that there is a vital life force, called Qi (pronounced “chee”) circulating within the body. Qi flows through a series of pathways called meridians. Meridians can be thought of as rivers flowing in your body. Wherever these rivers/meridians flow they provide nourishment to your cells, tissues, muscles, organs, and glands. However, if these rivers become blocked and are not able to flow along their regular courses then problems/symptoms arise.

What causes Qi to become blocked?

The stresses of modern life easily can disrupt the flow of Qi, causing it to stagnate. These factors include; poor diet, physical trauma, emotional trauma, genetics, and chemical, physical and emotional stress. Under normal conditions the body is able to properly regulate the Qi and return to good health. But when the disruption of Qi is prolonged, excessive, or if the body is in a weakened state, then balance is difficult to regain and the symptom of pain may arise. Acupuncture has the ability to treat the signs and symptoms of pain and also the ability to treat the root of what initially caused the problem. By inserting fine, sterile needles into specific points, acupuncture can break up the blockages that have disrupted the smooth flow of Qi and restore balance in the body.


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