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Our Changing Heatlh

By Ann Zimmerman, LAc.

There is a wise saying, “the only constant in life is change”.  This is certainly true when we look at our health and what it takes today to feel good verses even tomorrow.

Despite our best efforts to try to settle into a certain pattern of exercise, diet, rest or self-care our needs are always changing and what we are naturally drawn to is always changing.  This is often in response to the season, stress, growth patterns or just plain aging.

The needs of a sixteen year old are very different then those of a 60 year old person. Yet, we become very attached to our certain ways of living, whether healthy or not.

In our clinic, nothing will get a quicker defensive reaction than suggesting someone change their diet….even if they know it is making them sick.  We are quite stubborn in our ways and forget that nothing is static.  Just because you have always eaten pizza or have worked out 6 days a week does not mean that is what you can do now.  It is actually quite a “bummer” and quite beautiful! It keeps life new and keeps us present with self-study of what is working for today.

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Anti-aging medicine and nutrition is big business these days, as most baby boomers are trying anything and everything to look and feel younger. In our acupuncture practice, many of our patients have asked us if we do cosmetic acupuncture or if we know much about using food and herbs to take a few years off their appearance.

While there is nothing inherently wrong with wanting to look and feel younger, this desire can easily block us from the deeper issues that deserve our attention. The questions that we always come back to are, ‘What is causing you to look or feel older than your years in the first place?’ and ‘Is it fundamentally healthy to desire a more youthful appearance or is it a sign that we are denying the very natural process of birth, old age, and death?’

So, what is the real cause of premature aging? Why are so many people feeling worn out before their years? Why are so many women hitting perimenopause in their late 30’s instead of their late 40’s? Why are degenerative illnesses such as diabetes, arthritis, and osteoporosis increasing at astonishing rates?

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