Telehealth Support

Are you …

  • Wanting to maintain our therapeutic relationship?
  • Worried about how Covid-19 will impact you, your family, professional, and economic life? 
  • Wanting to do everything you can to protect your immune system and overall health?
  • Struggling with stress management and insomnia?
  • Lonely?
  • Too afraid or sick to visit a health care clinic?

We can help!

Telemedicine refers to the exchange of medical information through electronic communication to improve a patient’s health. We do not need to see you in person to help you! We are practitioners of the whole system of Traditional Chinese Medicine, not just acupuncture.

Chinese Medicine includes:
  • Immune, Sleep, and Stress support
  • Chinese herbal consults for wellness or stages of the Covid-19 virus
  •  Emotional and Spiritual counseling
  • Acupressure for stress relief
  • Nutrition
  • Meditation and Qigong
  • Exercise Advice
Read more about Chinese Medicine and Covid-19 

Whats a Telehealth Session?

Telehealth appointments are available for 30 and 50 minute sessions via phone or Zoom video.During appointments we listen to your concerns, answer questions, and use the time wisely for the most benefit to you.

Depending on your concerns we may use the following tools to help you:

  •  Discuss your diagnosis and constitution type
  • Create a customized herbal prescription
  • Emotional, Spiritual, and Lifestyle counseling
  • Guided meditation
  • Instruct you on acupressure points for pain and stress relief
  • Discuss dietary recommendations
  • Teach meditation, qigong, or therapeutic exercises
  • Technology and Payment

You can choose to have your appointment by Zoom(video) or phone for our Telemedicine sessions. Appointments can be made online from our website or by calling our clinic, 541-535-5082.

After you schedule an appointment, we will email you a link to meet us in a private zoom conference or by phone.  Zoom from your phone, iPads, or desktop.

Many insurance companies are currently covering telehealth

Cash rate:

15 minutes – $25
30 minutes – $50
50 minutes – $90


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