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“I had numbness on the outer aspect of my leg, as well as foot drop. I couldn’t lift up my toes. I had shooting pains in the back of my left leg and tingling. I also had digestive problems and some depression. I was drawn to Middleway Medicine, and then my physical therapist suggested I try acupuncture with Clark. My energy level increased dramatically, and I felt happiness I haven’t felt in years. Gradually over the course of my treatments my sciatica symptoms are resolving, and my digestion is better. I couldn’t be more pleased with my progress. Clark is a compassionate healer. He’s always so positive and encouraging. He has a passion for healing with Chinese Medicine. It is clearly his calling in life, not something he does just for money. He is a gentle, wise soul and a bit of a magician! He relates to me as a human being, unlike western medical doctors I have seen. I have seen two other acupuncturists in the past three years, and Clark is #1 in my book. Clark has my highest recommendation.”
R.W., Medford, Oregon
“We have referred many patients to Middleway Medicine and have seen many positive results, particularly for patients dealing with chronic and acute pain. Ann and Clark Zimmerman are friendly, caring and knowledgeable practitioners who have treated us with the utmost care, concern and professionalism!”
R.K., Talent, Oregon
“I love acupuncture. It’s as calming as a massage with equal, if not greater, healing benefits. And my results have been more than I dreamed possible. After every treatment I come away with a wonderful sense of calm and no more pain. Ann Zimmerman is patient, friendly and professional. I trust her completely.”
V.M., Jacksonville, Oregon
“I developed a severe sun allergy at age 60. Born and raised in Texas and had never had any problems being in the sun. Then, I was in the sun all weekend and had a severe attack. Constant itching, welts, flu like symptoms, irritability and fatigue. Would sleep for two days. Thereafter, could only stay in the sun for 30 minutes or less, definitely affecting my lifestyle of boating and outdoor activities. We were cruising full time on our boat, and it made it extremely difficult. Western medicine from family practice physicians to dermatologists to internal specialists could not diagnose the problem and provided no relief. The recommendations were to ‘stay out of the sun’. I chose Middleway Medicine after attending an OLLI course at SOU taught by Clark. When the class was over, I was impressed with Clark’s mild manner, philosophy of life, knowledge and education. I asked Clark if he thought he could help and he said we might have some success. After about four acupuncture sessions and taking a mixture of Chinese herbs, I went sailing on San Francisco Bay one afternoon in bright sunshine with my four year old granddaughter. No indication of any sun allergy afterwards. It was a real lifestyle change for me, in that I can stay outdoors again! Clark can take all the credit. I do recommend Clark and Middleway Medicine to my friends or to anyone who mentions they have an allergy or pain they cannot address. It has been a great experience working with Middleway Medicine, Clark and his professional staff.”
J.K., Ashland, Oregon
“When I first met Ann Zimmerman of Middleway Medicine, I had been experiencing painful bursitis in both hips and extremely tight illio-tibial bands for over 8 months. I had already undergone weeks and months of anti-inflammatories, physical and chiropractic therapy, as well as injections in both hips. I was also unhappily relying on Advil and Advil p.m. to get me through the days and nights. I knew I could not continue this lifestyle any longer. I had never had acupuncture treatments before and had no idea if it would help me, but at this stage I had tried everything else and went into my first appointment with an open mind. I was recommended to Middleway Medicine through my physical therapist. From the moment I met Ann and the staff at Middleway Medicine, I was impressed with their friendliness, knowledge, professionalism and above all compassion, not only for me, but also for the whole acupuncture experience. At the beginning of each appointment Ann would discuss with me any changes in my condition. She was also very in tuned to my mental state while coping with my condition as well. We discussed my pain levels at different times of the day, i.e., walking, sitting, standing, and sleeping. Ann also proved to be extremely knowledgeable and well informed regarding natural herb remedies to help me with pain and insomnia. After eight acupuncture treatments, my IT bands are back to normal. My pain level has gone from an 8-9 out of a pain scale of 10 to a 2-3, and I am sleeping!! Now with continued acupuncture treatments, learning more about natural herbs and slowly getting back into my yoga practice, I will be eventually pain free. I am again enjoying my morning walks and able to sit and read a book without having to get out of my chair every five minutes because of the aches and pains. My whole experience with Middleway Medicine has been a very positive one. I would recommend them to anyone and have told all my friends and family how wonderful the team at Middleway Medicine has treated me.”
M.V., Central Point, Oregon
“I wanted to be first in line to try Ann and Clark’s magic touch. I suffer with fibromyalgia, a crazy syndrome with lots of ups and downs, and they’ve helped me to keep the pain level down and enjoy more activities in my life. I’d tried acupuncture before but their method and intuitive touch was amazing, I felt improvement with every treatment. They’re truly talented practitioners dedicated to using their skills to help people feel better.”
R.B., Talent, Oregon
“I’d never tried Traditional Chinese Medicine before but heck, I tried everything else, so I gave it a shot and have been blown away by my results. I no longer have any pain! I have more energy. I’ve been sleeping better. I feel wonderful. Clark’s treatment has been excellent. He’s efficient but also personal, kind and caring, the whole office is. I really appreciate all the information he gave me. He let me know I didn’t have to give things up to get healthy, but just had to be conscious of what I’m doing. It’s been a great experience.”
D.C., Talent, Oregon
“I hurt all the time. My elbows and hands felt like they were under attack, and it never left. Clark Zimmerman took it away! He helped me get to a point where I could manage everything and function again. He was incredibly knowledgeable, gentle and understanding. He genuinely wanted to help me get better. Middleway Medicine will be part of my life health plan!”
J. M., Talent, Oregon
“For me, it’s the kind of healthcare I’ve waited for my entire life. There’s been 5 times now where I’ve walked into Middleway Medicine in horrible pain and walked out feeling fantastic. Ann is magic! She’s simply amazing! I can’t believe people aren’t beating the door down to come see them. Every time I come to Middleway Medicine, no matter what’s going on with me, they fix it. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate them.”
C.D., Sams Valley, Oregon
“As with many others, the decision to try acupuncture was a desperate, “last resort” effort seeking pain relief and freedom from daily pain medication. With hope, but few expectations, I turned to Middeway Medicine. I was happily astonished by the positive results experienced after two sessions. Equally healing has been the calm, unhurried atmosphere and the compassionate listening experienced at Middleway.”
G.V., Ashland, Oregon
“I feel like a lot of getting pregnant had to do with Ann. I’d had a couple of miscarriages and came into see her to help with my fertility. Her positive thoughts, encouragement and healing words, telling me I could do it and that my body could support a baby, were almost enough help on their own, beyond the acupuncture treatments. She presented me with different things I could do to get pregnant: a dietary cleanse, herbs, moxa and acupuncture. I found the treatments very calming and relaxing and would always leave feeling really good, energized and uplifted. Most amazing though, was that I still hadn’t given birth well past my due date and Ann came to my home to give me a treatment! I was really moved that she would take time out of her life and come over to my house. I felt so special and supported and the treatment really helped! I tell everyone that Middleway’s the best!”
S.M., Applegate, Oregon
“The nausea I was experiencing with pregnancy was very debilitating. I was vomiting constantly. I couldn’t go to work. I was in 9 out of 10 pain and had to go on medications to be able to function. The acupuncture treatments were really helpful. In the hours after a treatment I felt great, and I wouldn’t feel nauseous for a day or two after. And it didn’t just help with the nausea, my energy also came back! I even came home and cleaned the house after one treatment. It was such a relief. Ann was so warm and understanding. She explained everything very well and made me feel immediately at ease and comfortable. I felt very taken care of and looked forward to each treatment.”
K.T., Medford, Oregon
“Being pregnant, I think you’re always consumed with what’s going on with your body: what feels weird, what’s changing. Ann was so good at listening. She was knowledgeable about pregnancy and would sit there and listen to what was going on and she could actually do something about it! It felt great to work with someone who knows what you’re talking about. The sacrum pain and morning sickness I was experiencing would be a lot less intense during treatments and the relief could last anywhere from a couple of weeks to months. But the best part of my experience was the home visits before and after I gave birth. After 3 long, drawn-out days of pre-labor, before 12 hours of actual labor, Ann came to my house to give me a treatment. She identified specific acupuncture points where my partner could press to help speed up contractions and that worked really well. I was also completely depleted after the birth and Ann identified where the deficiency was, told me foods to eat to get qi back into my core and gave me acupuncture treatments that boosted my energy significantly.”
J.M., Talent, Oregon
“I first came into Middleway Medicine for issues of tennis elbow and shoulder pain, both are totally gone now. I’d had chronic pancreatitis for years but didn’t know Chinese Medicine could help with that. Before I started seeing Clark I was in the hospital about once a month and before that every two weeks for a pancreatic attack. They say the pain is the male equivalent to childbirth. When Clark’s able to catch an attack early the acupuncture does the same thing as the morphine does at the hospital to calm the pancreatitis down. And I can go home! No hospital! It takes a few more days to fully release, but at $6000 for a 24 hour stay at the hospital where the morphine just shuts the whole stomach down and blows out my veins, I’d much rather go to Middleway Medicine. The treatments with Clark are more holistic and preventative. When he starts working on me to help the attack flow out, the less lasting it is. And, in the long run the treatments are doing a lot less damage–you only have so many veins. Doctor’s had talked to me about putting in a permanent I-V, but my work with Clark has eliminated that need. I haven’t needed to come in for a while because I just feel so good. Every part of my life feels great and feeling healthy is a big part of it. I owe a lot of it to Clark. He turned my life around. He’s a great physician.”
R.F., Talent, Oregon
“I had debilitating headaches and back pain from an automobile accident. The pain was horrible and I was sick of feeling dulled and nauseous from all the pharmaceuticals. I’d tried everything! I needed something that would work so I could get back to being a functional adult for my son. Clark gave me back my life. Within 3 treatments I felt a very dramatic difference in my level of pain. I had a fear of needles but they were so small I barely felt them, and Clark distracted me completely. He really cares. He’s kind, personable, trustworthy and functions with extreme integrity and a kind and loving heart. He was also extremely sensitive to where the pain was. I really appreciated his holistic approach of addressing the stressors that were causing my headaches as part of my treatment plan. My outcome has been extraordinary! I now continue treatments because it’s the thing in my life that keeps me balanced. I have more energy and feel so much better. I truly know and see the results of Middleway Medicine’s contribution to my life all the time. I feel really blessed to know them.”
K.R., Medford, Oregon

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