Constipation: Whats the hold up?

by Clark Zimmerman, LAc.

One of our teachers used to explain bowel function by comparing it to a sailboat traveling down a river. The boat is the stool, the colon is the riverbed, the water is the moisture in the colon, and the wind is the smooth muscle movement, or qi that propels the boat. In order to have healthy bowel movements, you need each of these factors to be functioning properly. If one or more factors is unhealthy, it can result in constipation.

The “boat” or the stool is mostly made from the food that we eat. Depending on our diet, our boats can resemble a sleek speedboat or a crude log raft. If we mostly consume a diet that is low in fiber and high in foods that are cloying and mucous producing, such as dairy products, sugars and gluten foods, we produce sticky stools that are difficult to move through the colon. (Did you ever notice the word gluten contains the word “glu”?) If we eat a diet that is high in fiber and low in foods that cause sticky stools, we are more likely to create well formed stools that move through the colon with ease.

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Tea Time

As the winter weather settles in, I am always grateful for the opportunity to drink a warm cup of tea. There are so many different teas available that can be quite helpful for many different health concerns, as well as being enjoyable to drink. One of our favorites is green tea. Green tea is an amazing way to stay healthy, while enjoying a cold winter day. It is full of polyphenols and catechins, two substances that are effective at promoting good health in a variety of ways. Here are just a few of the health benefits of drinking green tea:

1) lower cholesterol
2) less risk of certain types of cancer

Digestive Disorders and Chinese Medicine

by Clark and Ann Zimmerman, L.Ac.

It is estimated that approximately 62 million Americans experience digestive problems on an ongoing basis. This is due to the harmful repercussions of the standard American diet on our population coupled with the high level of stress that the average American experiences. Digestive problems can range from minor annoyances, such as gas and bloating, to life-threatening illnesses, such as Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, unremitting diarrhea, and various cancers that target digestive organs. Whatever the case, it is always worth being proactive about our digestive health. The information contained in this article on acupuncture and natural therapies should definitely get you going in the right direction, not only with your digestion but also with your health in general. Let’s take a look at a few common disorders and what can be done about them.

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