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Double blind studies (and the politics of medical acceptance)

by Clark Zimmerman, LAc.

Western medicine is based on research.  It is a system that is always seeking the latest and greatest thing.  It is based on the idea that innovation is the solution to treating disease.  The cornerstone of modern medicine is the double blind study.  A double blind study is an experiment or clinical trial in which neither the subjects nor the researchers know which subjects are receiving the active medication or treatment.  It is meant to eliminate subjective bias from the test results.  These studies involve 3 groups.  The first is the control group that receives no treatment, the second is given a drug or treatment to be tested, and the third is given a placebo, which is an inert substance or treatment that shouldn’t have any effect on the patient.  The test is double blind if both the patient and the researcher doesn’t know who gets the drug and who gets the placebo.  It is considered to be the gold standard of western science in proving that a substance or treatment works.

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