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Tibetan Pilgrimmage part 1

Years ago Clark and I spent a few months in China and Tibet. We spent time learning more about our medicine and the culture that developed it. We also spent a good deal of time studying meditation. Part of our time in Tibet took us on a journey to one of the most isolated places on the globe. We traveled to the sacred Mt. Kailash in western Tibet.

Mount Kailash is revered as a very sacred place by Buddhism and Hinduism, as well as the native Jain and Bon religions. It is also the headwaters for some of Asia’s longest rivers. Its location is very remote and veiled in mystery.

Our journey to reach the 22,000 foot mountain and take the 3 day trek around was inspired by our commitment to evolving spiritually. It is said that a pilrimmage is a journey inward and outward.

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